All about... Ceramic Bearings

Instead being outside riding my new Ellsworth Evolve (will post pics soon) I am stuck inside (food poisoning) reading about mountain bikes. I decided to research a topic that Chino and I debated last week... Ceramic Bearings. My research has concluded that ceramic bearings are lighter, stiffer, easier to maintain, and last anywhere from 5-20 times longer than steel bearings. So... Chino... as usual... you are wise... and I stand corrected.

Here are some interesting links on Ceramic Bearings...
Overview: Article
Components: FSA - Ceramic Speed - Enduro - BOCA


Little Ray said...

What did you eat to get food poisoning? More important, where did you eat to get poisoned?

magellan said...

Not sure... best I can tell it was my new standard lunch from the cafeteria at my work... wheat tortilla, roast turket, bacon, lettuce, onions, & spicy mustard... (it was probably bad bacon)... booooo