Lube Test: Results

Okay, I've used this stuff for about 2 months now. I've used just on my bike, on one chain. I used at the 24 HIOP, and just around Tucson, so it's seen mostly dry use with a little bit of mud at the race.

My opinion of this stuff, is that it does work as advertised; if you use it the way you're supposed to. It lubes well and keeps your chain really clean. On the plus side, you can use it right before you ride, as opposed to Purple, which prefers to have had the chance to dry between application and riding. Another plus, is that there's nothing left to mystery as to how much you should wipe it off after you apply it. The instructions say "There's no such thing as wiping too much".

The downside, is that because the fluid (this stuff is made of fluid and small particles of solid lube) is a degreaser, you have to apply a crap load of it every time...and it's $10 a bottle. Also, it doesn't seem to last near as long as Purple.

So, Bottum line: If you like your chain to stay really clean all the time, never bother lubing your chain after riding, but do it 5 minutes before you ride, and don't mind spending extra money. It's a good lube.

But, I think I'll go back to Purple


Brad Knox said...

Finally i agree with ray, although i'll stick with it instead of the purple.

Brad Knox said...

Its only $7.99 a bottle at Trek Bikes of Tucson located centrally at Cambel and Fort Lowell.

Little Ray said...

Wow, that is very economical, and convenient. I will run out to Trek Bikes of Tucson, located centrally at Cambel and Fort Lowell. I hear the staff is knowledgable and friendly.

NEO said...

I finally find purple stuff at the shop off 6th, and now something new? Josh told me about purple, and I had a heck of a time finding it. Keep up the reviews of this new breed.

Little Ray said...

It's not really a new breed. It's been around for a bit. A lot of us have been using Purple for a while based on a LBS rec. There's nothing wrong with Purple, on the contrary. It's a very powerful lubricant. It lasts a long time and doesn't attrack dirt.