Got $25? Free on April 19th?

Oi! We ran into a few cats from the Dawn to Dust MTB Club out of Sierra Vista at Fantasy Island last Sunday. They put on this "tour" each year in honor of a fallen club member. Its $25, all proceeds go back to the forest service for trail maintenance and such, you get a T-shirt and bag of swag, and you'll get to meet some cool catz from down south. Any takers? Lacey and I are planning on riding.
Dawn to Dust Website

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"El A" said...

FYI...if we are still planning on camping in sierra vista (either the weekend of the tour or some other weekend)...i found a campsite that looks like it is connected to all the perimiter trails... http://www.go-arizona.com/Ramsey-Vista-Campground/

Doesnt look like there are any campsites with showers in the area...which probably doesn't matter to anyone except me. That OK...I am going to buy a pop-up shower :) !