"Everything in America wants to kill you." - Burnsey

Glen Byrne (aka The Great Pumpkin, aka Burnsey) hails from East Anglia, United Kingdom.  He moved with his family from Ireland to England when he was 5 years old.  He rides bikes in the rain.  He drinks beer in the rain.  On Saturday, he made the 25 1/2 hour trip from East Anglia, U.K. to Tucson, Arizona.  He's here for a visit & the 24 hours In The Old Pueblo.

Likes: Pumpkin Lib Balm, Women, & Lager

Magellan: Is it true that you are the "god father" of the Sonoran Pirates?
Burnsey: No, I'm the "god father" of soul.

Note: Burnsey did introduce Megellan & El LA to mountain biking in the forest of Thetford, UK (no-where) near Robin Hood's stomping grounds.

M: What do you think about the U.S.A. so far?
B: Everything wants to kill you and there are lot of places to eat.

Note: Burnsey visited the Sonoran Desert Museum where he noticed that all desert creatures are pretty marly.  He also saw an old guy with a pistol on his belt in Safeway and a "knife" vendor on the side of the road.

M: What kind of bike do you ride?  
B: Cube Stereo Pro

M: What the hell is that?
B: Cube is a German bike company.  You can't go wrong with German engineering.  

M: What's the #1. biggest thing in your life?
B: Easy, gotta be my 8 year old son, Kiernan.

M: Is it true that since Brad Pitt trained for the movie Snatch in Red Lodge that you often are mistaken for him?
B: Yeah.

Note: Red Lodge is just a couple from miles Burnsey's stomping ground in Mildenhall, England

M: Do you like dags?
B: What?
M: Dags.
B: Dags?
M: Yeah, Dags.
B: Oh, Dogs, yeah I Iike Dogs.

M: Anything else you want to tell the world.
B: Just get on with it.

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