Civil War Century -- Still Looking for Riders

The ride is filling up.  If any Pirates want to come out and ride this with us...need to sign up soon.  Right now it's just the four of us.

What: Tour in and around Civil War sites in the vicinity of Gettysburg, PA
When: 10 Sep, 2011
Where: I already told you that
Millage Options: 103, 75, 63, 50, and 25.  (If you fly out here and sign up to ride 25 miles I will punch you in your private parts)

So far it's Big D, Chino, Pickles and Karyn riding for the Pirates.  More are welcome and encouraged to join.



K said...

Ray Is the event on September 10th? You wrote its on the 20th???
It would be really fun to come out there with Derek. Got any Demo bikes we could ride? Hmmm it is something for us to think about, it would be fun to hang out for a weekend. I'll have to check with my professor that teaches the class I have MWF to see if this might be possible.

Little Ray said...

It should have been listed as the 10th. I've fixed it.

Diana can get you bikes for basically nothing. It'd be great if you guys could join us.

K said...

I'll talk to the professor about missing a Friday class and I'll watch airfares, if they drop at all maybe we can do it...

Harper said...

Me and Jason are signing up :)