Need Another Rider

The Sonoran Pirates Plutonium Rods needs a replacement rider for Dave 'El Grotto' Bauer, who was suddenly scheduled for USAF Aircrew survival school. (Nice timing too...camping in northern Washington in early Feb...that ought to be a hoot and a half.)

Current team is a 5 person Coed and consists of:
Mt. Goat
Silent Ed


Brad Knox said...

Ray, may have a guy for you, he said he would let me know by the end of the day. He owns a pizza place here in town!

El Grotto said...

Damn! I'm getting replaced by a Pizza guy. How am I going to compete with that? Figures, I could have predicted they were going to do this to me. A nice new bike, and no 24 hour race for me. Have fun, I'll be there in spirit.