The "Dirty T"

It's great to be back in Tucson. I'm surrounded by great friends, who love to ride! Their attitude is contageous my inner fire and pashion to ride are back with a fury! Sadly they were nearly burnt out over the past five years of living in Phoenix, the city with a average tempature that is 3 degrees cooler than hell.

Im selling the M1A1 Switch I have been struggling to pedal, and am currently in the build process of my new Ellsworth Evolve! Hearing all the great things Magellan has to say about this bike I figured it would be impossible to go wrong! Build should be done in a month!

Im ready to RIDE.


Little Ray said...

That's great man! Nice looking frame too. Once you get it built, take it down to that concrete wash and see how it holds up.

SixNine said...

Yea Im gonna leave that one alone.