Rosaryville Ride - Plus Chino Crashing!!!

Chino, Pickles, Christina & El Grotto went for a ride in an absolute downpour today. Today was Christina's first ride - EVER! She took her new Trek 6000 out that she bought from Chino's bike shop wife. All around good stuff today. Grotto lost brakes and went shooting over the edge of a ravine. No video of that though. Catching Chino's crash on video was the highlight.
Make sure you watch through to see Chino and his gracefulness on a log crossing.


Brad Knox said...

Chino was there, it probably was poop on the road.

Derek said...

Chino That crash was awesome! Looks like you need to adjust the dampening on your front fork the damn think popped you over faster than you could even think... THe girls rode awesome as well! What a beautiful place to ride! And El Grotto Props on the video editting skill. Well done! Hope to ride with all of you soon... I will try not to become roadkill in Texas any time soon

Little Ray said...

Noted on the damping, I went and checked it after reading your post. I usually keep about half, but it was dialed full off...I think I twist it accidentally when I turn the lockout switch.