24 Hrs ITOP by Proxy

This is the first year in many that the Smith clan will be in absentia for the race. That being what it is, we're going to participate in the only way we can: We are going to ride 17 miles of Savage Park, MD single track timed commensurate with each lap Josh rides. Josh will call us when he starts gearing up for a lap, and we will follow suit.

I hope he only rides one lap in the middle of the day.

Damn I wish we could be there.


K said...

Derek and I wish we can be there too, we'll see what we can do about riding here in Idaho to support the cause!

magellan said...

my forecasted ride times (tucson local time) are... #1. 9:09 PM #2. 3:54 AM #3. 8:18 AM.

Little Ray said...

How many people do you have on your team? Your first lap is 9 hours in, the next lap is 8 hours later, and your last lat is a little over 4 hours after the 2nd. Do you have some attrition built into this?