Fantasy Island... in the news again!


It appears that Arizona is granting Westcor a permit to create the master plan for the state trust land upon which Fantasy Island resides.

Arizona Daily Star Article

Contact Westcor


Little Ray said...

I wouldn't be to quick to cry foul just yet on this. We're talking about a 40 year plan for 12000 acres including parks and other green spaces. It will also include 'some elements' of the Houghton Master Plan, which was the original project that included the retention of the main part of Fantasy Island.
Given the deal to give Westcor the Permit is done, but for the signing; I should think the prudent course for concerned mountain bikers would be to lobby Westcor directly. Westcor will be spending the next year just coming up with a plan for the land. There's no reason to think they won't include Fantasy Island, but we can't expect them to preserve it without some pressure from the community.

Note: I'm riding the island this afternoon at 1400....all are welcome to join. Starting from Valencia side.

magellan said...

Cool. Does anyone have any information that is NOT in the AZ Daily Star article linked to this blog?

magellan said...

FYI... I sent Westcor an inquiry to confirm that Fantasy Island will be included in their Master Plan. I'll post their response.

Unknown said...

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