Sonoran Pirates Save a Baby Deer

What a baby deer may look like, since no one took a picture.
This is what happens when you have a group of women on a group mountain bike ride.  Instead of focusing on skill-building, or clearing sweet jumps, they get all sappy with the local wildlife.

Friday before last, Big D was leading a group of women riders for Bella Bikes on what is now a weekly Friday afternoon ride with Karyn sweeping.  They were somewhere on what they believed to be the Morning Choice Trail on Patapsco State Park...I say somewhere because they were lost within 6 minutes of starting out and don't know exactly where they were.

Big D relaxed her vice-like focus from the trail just long enough to hear the cries of some desperate creature, or local child emanating from the forest.  After bringing the cries to the attention of the remaining gallons of estrogen around her, full-blown maternopocolyptic instinct brought the sacrosanct bike ride to an immediate halt.

What the baby deer looked like 6 minutes after rescue.
They discovered...and I swear I'm not making this up...a baby deer fallen down a well.  Yes...just like some BS straight from an episode of Lassy or Little House on the Prairie. Karyn climbed into the well and lifted the deer out.  Here's where everything falls apart.  NONE OF THEM TOOK A SINGLE PICTURE.  So we have no proof that any of this is true.

True or not, it was the only topic being wildly discussed ad nauseum over the dinner I had slaved over.

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LMAO...poor Ray.