2011 - 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

This year's racers (minus a couple of the 1/4 beaners who were working the Rincon market tent).

This year's support crew.

50 MPH wind gusts? Yes / Hail? Yes / Sleet? Yes / Rain? Yes / Cold as Hell? Yes / Destroyed Rincon Market booth? Yes. Needless to say this year's 24 ITOP was not without it's challenges.

However, in the end... fun was had... beers were consumed... and most impressively Brad, Jordan, Matt, & Ed (aka Sonoran Pirates Night at the Knoxbury) put in a record performance coming in 21st out of 142 teams in the 4 Men Open category with 18 laps in 24 hours. My hat goes off to the warriors. The following teams raced under the pirate flag this year...

The Sonoran Pirates...
- Night At the Knoxbury - 4 Man Open
- Donkey Chasers - 4 Man Open
- Quarter Beaners - 4 Man Open
- Caca Pasa - Duo Male

Live Results Link
24 Hours ITOP Race Website


Unknown said...

Never the less I crash Test Danny lives up to his name. Cactus can't even stop me from finishing my lap and never taking the easy way. I still went down the slippery rock face in the rain.

magellan said...

just for clarification... that is Danny... posting somehow as "Alexis"...

Little Ray said...

Okay...that's weird and also a bit creepy.

Good job everyone. We wish we could have been there...rain, hail, wind and all.