An interview with... Brad Knox

Brad Knox is an up and coming mountain bike racer based out of Tucson, Arizona who sometimes goes by the moniker "Lance Uppercut". I recently had a chance to catch up with him and get the skinny on the 2010 MBAA series and his purported connection to the Audio Cyclist cartel.

Magellan: Let's get straight to the issue... you won every race in your division in the 2010 MBAA race series but got 2nd place, what's the deal? 
Brad: Well the MBAA (mountain bike association of arizona) offers points towards the state championship for doing trail maintenance, which i think is a great idea, but they give you a lot of points for doing so, which i don't agree with.  I was unable to attend any of the scheduled trail days, due to work and living in Tucson.  Most of the trail days were in northern AZ.  So the guy who ended up winning, his best finish was a 2nd place in two of the races, a 3rd and a 4th, putting him 19 points behind me going into the final race to 21 points ahead of me after the volunteer points were awarded, putting him out of reach from me.  All he had to do was finish, and he did.

Magellan: When did you get into mountain biking?
Brad: Seriously, the last 3 or 4 years.

Magellan: Are you sponsored?
Brad: Nope

Magellan: What bikes are you currently riding?
Brad: Currently I just have my Specialized Epic Marathon 29er, the road bike is still on the sidelines with a hole in the top tube. I did however just pull a old steel Schwinn out of a trash can,

Magellan: What's your training schedule like?
Brad: I ride when I can, which is not enough!

Magellan: You've done some product testing for Audio Cyclist... what's that about?
Brad: A few of the pirates are designing and producing audio interval training workouts for iTunes.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on the first workout and provide feedback.  This first workout is a 45 minute interval.  Its a great workout to do after work on the spin bike in the living room.  Dont tell them but I already put it online and am selling copies of it myself.  

Magellan: Do you do any cross training?
Brad: I run every now and again and use the spin bike when i cant get outside on the bike.  There is a mini tri in Long Beach in September that is a great possibility, so I better start learning to swim without flippers and a snorkel. 

Magellan: What's your next event?
Brad: I have a 5k Run next saturday, then 2 weeks after that is the Barn Burner in Flagstaff AZ which I am doing as a duo with my bro.  It is a 104mile endurance event that has 4, 26 mile laps.  The goal is under 8hrs to get the prize of a belt buckle, its bigger if you finish under 8hrs, small under 10 hours.

Magellan: Final question: have you ever used steroids?
Brad: Not yet.

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