How did the race go?


Little Ray said...

Race was good. Everyone had a great time. B-rad managed six laps--4 of them back to back. Most of the rest of us just goofed and around and rode for fun.

The shit-bike was a hit. The weather was amazing. The tortillas in Josh's RV were tasty. The aroma in Josh's RV was less tasty.

Now we just need some circulation of the pictures. I know Dave and Betsy took something like 6000 of them, so let's see 'em!

magellan said...

bike race fun

K said...

Awesome!!!! Bike ride = fun race or no race! Wish the winter to be over and the riding to begin, soon here in Idaho, but in the mean time I'm gonna go skiing!

Glad it was fun!

Miss you guys all!

magellan said...

we miss you 2