Tandem Robo-Biker Pedals For You

This is an article I found on Geekologie.com. The writer has an unnatural love for Dinosaurs, and is convinced that
Robots will take over the world and do weird and dirty things to him. Hence the article below referring to above Robot. Enjoy.

"Joules is a robot designed to KILL! pedal the back of a tandem bicycle. And I can honestly say I have absolutely no interest in biking down the street getting ****** by a robot names Joules.

'He's the creation of a guy called Chris who, challenged by his son to create an electric tandem that worked via pedal power, more than satisfied the brief.

The nuts-and-bolts robot is powered by a PMG-132 electric motor and, unlike most lazy-assed back-end tandem riders, does all the work himself.'

Yeah but no but no. As much as I do hate pedaling myself, I'd rather walk my bike up a hill than have this jerk do the work for me. You hear that, Lance Failstrong? YOU WILL NEVER PEDAL ME!"

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Derek said...

Yeah but how much does the robo dude weigh?