Mountain Bike Action - Richard Cunningham

The link is to Richard Cunningham's blog, it is his take on the 24 hours in the Old Pueblo, cool write-up.

Richard Cunningham - 24 HIOP story

On a side note, UPS (Unusually Poor Service) delivered Kerry's bike, three weeks late but delivered and in working condition.


Little Ray said...

You can see Ed in the last picture of RC's post.

Did they at least refund the shipping cost for her bike?

K said...

We have asked for a refund. We were told that we shipped it ground which is not guaranteed delivery, I said a month is a little excessive don't you think? So we are now waiting on that decision and the decision on Derek's bike. I don't know if there is an easier way to mail things like a bike, if Fed-Ex, DHL, etc would be any better, but this sucks. They can deny Derek's claim and say that we didn't pack the bike with enough protection...I hate the waiting game.