Ray's Roadee Rant

After being extremely annoyed by some road rider's outright refusal to ride single file, and let traffic pass them on Gates Pass, I did a little research.

According to ARS 28-815: A cyclist may ride side-by-side (no more than two). However, ARS 28-704: Bicyclists may not unnecessarily slow motor vehicle traffic. Also, according to ARS 28-721: Any vehicle moving slower than the normal traffic speed shall drive in the right-hand lane, or “as close as PRACTICABLE” to the right edge of the road, except when preparing to turn left or when passing. This also applies to bicycles.

The relationship between the cycling and non-cycling public is strained at best. As the minority, I believe it is incumbent upon us, the cyclists, to present ourselves in the most courteous, and non-intrusive manner possible. When we go out of our way to anger the general public, we are doing a great disservice to our community as a whole.

A less than favorable outlook from the public can only harm us the next time we lobby City Hall to make allowances for cyclists. Try getting a city planner to back Fantasy Island, or any other pro-cycle action if, every day when he drives to work, he is repeatedly enraged by discourteous cyclists.


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